We love what we do, and we love our customers. As such, over time, we like to share our musings and tales, or write handy tips and facts to help take the stress out of your move or storage needs. Please feel free to share your own hints, tips and stories with us - we may even publish them here for all to enjoy!

Why Is Camping Like Removals?

It's getting really hot out there. Who wants to sleep indoors when you can get out in the great outdoors and feel nature under your feet? The best way to get away from it all with the kids during the summer holidays has to be camping. And you know that...
23rd July 2018

If England Players Were Removals Workers

You might have noticed that the world cup is on. We thought we'd go for a fun little article and ask ourselves what if England players were removals workers? These brave lads who have pulled on the shirts to play for their county may be doing the business now, but...
3rd July 2018

Keeping the Kids Happy - Moving in the Summer

Are you thinking of moving in the summer? So far in 2018 we have had more than our usual fair share of hot and sunny days. It seems that we are going to have a scorcher - touch wood and we may actually have one of those years to look...
15th June 2018

How to Store Your Furniture

Thinking of how to store your furniture? If you are not moving into a new house immediately or you are downsizing significantly for a while whilst you save up for a new home, you may be thinking of putting some of your bigger items into storage. Why should you have...
23rd May 2018

May the Fourth Be With You - Star Wars Removals

Hello Alan Cook fans. Star Wars Removals? It may have escaped some of you, but not everyone will be able to stay out of the clutches of the tractor beam that is Star Wars day. We thought we'd go with the flow and produce one of our famous whimsical articles...
4th May 2018

Find the Right Removals Company

Want to know how to find the right removals company? In today's fast paced and increasingly online world there are more opportunities for less than reputable organisations to get in front of customers. When you are trusting a business to move the sum total of your possessions and belongings, you...
17th April 2018
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