We love what we do, and we love our customers. As such, over time, we like to share our musings and tales, or write handy tips and facts to help take the stress out of your move or storage needs. Please feel free to share your own hints, tips and stories with us - we may even publish them here for all to enjoy!

Bungay Makes the National News!

Who'd have "thunk" it?! According to the Guardian, Bungay is generally described as "odd" and "unexplained" and its property not "undesirable". Nothing wrong in that we (bad) news is good news after all. The article makes interesting reading though. What about the "murderous" dog! Did it reappear again in...
18th June 2014

Rain, rain, go away!

We're no strangers to a bit of the wet stuff here in Norfolk. Living so close the North sea we're used to things being a bit wet and wild from time to time (not to mention chilly when the North sea wind blows in!). But what's that got to do...
11th June 2014

A Tight Squeeze?

Thankfully not every street in Norwich has parking restrictions but when moving day comes it's more than helpful to know if the street our customer lives in, as well as the street they're moving to, has any kind of parking restrictions. Given how long we've been moving people in and...
6th June 2014

So you're moving...boat?

There are thought to be roughly 15,000 houseboats in the UK and the beauty of a houseboat is that everything moves with you but at some point you'll need to move everything into it or out of it, when you first buy it or when you finally decide to put...
28th May 2014

Confessions of a Removals Man

Over the years we've heard many an interesting story and one or two wide-eyed tales to make your mouth drop. And all this really proves is the old adage that you shouldn't believe everything you hear. Nevertheless, we had to laugh when we read some of these confessions from other...
22nd May 2014

Moving with the Times!

Recently we have been fairly busy here! (I thought if I started with an understatement I could build it up as I go!) We have taken on several more removals crew, who are still to make it into the Rogues Gallery but who are shaping up nicely! Because we have...
16th May 2014
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