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Moving Around Bank Holidays

30th April 2017

One clever way to give yourself a bit more time when moving house is using a bank holiday removal service. Obviously you're not going to get anyone to actually move you on the day off, but why not consider moving on the Friday or Saturday to give yourself an extra day or two to cope with all the logistics and stress. Sound like a good idea to you? Make sure you follow our simple pointers:

Book Early

If you are going to try to move over the bank holiday weekend try to book early before you make any further plans. It is likely that this will be quite a popular time to go through a home relocation and you don't want to get caught short. As with everything in life, the best times and deals tend to be snapped up by those with a buyer's mind in a forward thinking head. Don't delay.

Plan Timings

Thinking of moving to a new home in London or along a busy road corridor? You'll want to get your schedule on point. Getting stuck in traffic is no one's idea of a good time and it could see you having to unpack late into the evening. Make sure you have everything ready by the allotted time to avoid any kind of serious road delays and snags.

Schedule Connections

You are unlikely to get anyone willing to connect your internet and phones on the long weekend so make sure that you either book in someone to put all the vital communication services in before you go ahead and move or be prepared to wait. This is actually the only potential downside of moving on the bank holiday, but if you're a web addict or you love those long calls to family and friends it could be a little difficult to bear.

Hotel Stay?

Of course, the biggest advantage of moving on the bank holiday is that extra day to unpack. Once you have managed to get all your stuff, possessions, boxes and belongings into your new pad, why not leave it all there and shack up in a local hotel for the night before starting afresh the following day?

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