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Rented Property Moves - Tips

20th January 2017

When people move it's not always from a property they own to another upgraded or downgraded property. With some rented property moves people are simply swapping rental dwellings. In such instances you need to take care that you're doing the right thing with the damage deposit.

Even though your deposit should be held now by a third party agency, there are still certain practices you can put in place to ensure that you can get back all of the money you are entitled to when you leave the property.

A Clean Break

When you leave you previous rental property it is vital that you clean up properly. However, don't simply take the landlord's word as to whether the cleaning job is good enough, make sure you are present during a handover inspection to deal with any problems that may occur. This is especially important if you are using a third party company to clean up your flat before you move out.

Sign Off an Inventory

One of the pieces of documentation that should be supplied by any landlord is a printed inventory. You should be able to sign off all the items together with their condition on this form. Then when you move out if there are any items that the landlord is claiming were in the property or if they are asserting that you have caused any damage there will be a record that can be used to verify the situation.

Take Photos

When you move into a new property, before you start bringing in your belongings, take some photographs. Inspect all the rooms for any signs of damage, mould or problems and take some snaps. If you do this on your phone be sure to back up to you PC or laptop. Then when you move out you can prove that any problems in the property were pre-existing and shouldn't affect your damage deposit.

Man with a Van?

Over the years there has been a rise in the number of man with a van style services. This is where you can book a single workman or team to help you with different jobs that need transport. Whilst they might have the muscle to move sofas and beds, there are techniques that are employed by serious removal companies to minimise damage to doorframes and walls. What you might save in using a man with a van you could very easily pay out of your damage deposit.

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