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Best Reasons to Move in the New Year

30th December 2016

2017 is knocking at the door. With many people happy to see the back of 2016 there's plenty of focus on resolutions and making the next 12 months into a whole different story. However, we'd argue that no matter how good or bad the previous year has been, the New Year break is the perfect time to look at relocating your property. And here are our reasons why...

New Year - New Start

Lots of people like to use the New Year as a focal point for turning over a new leaf in the year. There's no bigger change than moving house, which has the potential to introduce new arrivals in every area of your life, especially if you are changing job or moving to a new city. Why not take the energy you traditionally have for making some kind of difference in your life and feed it into your home move rather than waiting for the end of the year when life seems to be naturally winding down?

A Natural Break

Moving house is always going to be a disruptive process. If you have an important job, work for yourself or need to ensure that the children have a smooth transition from school to school the New Year is the perfect time for a move. As the rest of the working world is taking a break, it's the ideal opportunity for you to relocate with the minimum of fuss and hassle. Of course, it might mean that parties and midnight revelry is put on the back burner, but that will all change in 12 months' time.

Keep the Summer Stress Free

The best time of year is without question the summertime. Children are on holidays, life seems bright and breezy and there's nothing but high spirits and energy in the air. Whilst you might consider this to be one of the easier times to move house - and it possibly is - do you really want to waste these beautiful days with the stress of moving? Why not get all the hard work over and done with so you'll be well settled in your new abode for those sunshine moments?

Of course, whenever you decide to move it always pays to have the experts at hand. Use Alan Cook Removals to get the very best out of your home move with a service that always goes the extra mile to ensure you and your belongings arrive in perfect condition.

Happy New Year and let's make 2017 a good one.