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Celebrating the World's Greatest Removals Man - Father Christmas

20th December 2016

One of the greatest removals men in the business has to be Father Christmas. He manages to take a load of presents from his base in his Greenland and move them to a number of different locations on a global basis. OK, we know he's not strictly a removals man - but in this instance we think it makes a lovely subject for a Christmas article keeping in line with festive traditions.

So let's take a look and explore some of the reasons why Father Christmas is the greatest removals man of all time...

Sheer Numbers

When you look at the vast amount of goods moved by Father Christmas in one night only it's difficult to argue with this man's competency. He goes all over the world to ensure that every child gets a present, which is an unprecedented number of drops in line with the huge number of households all over the globe. Not many companies can boast this many moves in a single year, let alone a single night.


Father Christmas has a massive schedule and he obviously has to juggle delivery times around ever changing bed times and as the song says... he knows when you are sleeping, he knows when you're awake. Having to check that everyone is in bed before he drops off each consignment means that making last minute turnarounds is definitely his thing.

Foreign Moves

As you know Father Christmas has no issue moving presents from country to country. After all, every year he flies off from Greenland to deliver all kinds of valuable to a huge range of global destinations. Well skilled in import licenses and international jurisdiction, this is one man who knows how to relocate goods overseas and across borders.

Green issues

With his sleigh that's pulled by a reindeer team, Father Christmas does not use any fossil fuels in delivering people's presents from home to home. His is an eco-friendly business that does not put any negative impact onto the environment, unless you count all the packaging that comes with many goods these days. However, if people are up on their home recycling, this should pose no problem at all.

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