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Moving to the Country? Things to Know

17th November 2016

Many people dream of moving to the country and having that little property that gives them a route into their dream life. Whether you want a white picket fence or an apple tree down the bottom of the garden, or simply a big front room to hide in from thunderstorms there's many people who are looking to escape away from city life.

If you're thinking of making such a move, then what would we recommend you take into account before you purchase a property and pick up the phone and call up your favourite removals company.


When you live in the city it's all too easy to pop out into the shops when you have no milk. Not so easy when you live in the middle of nowhere. This means you'll need to have the most precise planning and in place when you go down the supermarket in order to get everything you need. There's nothing worse than running out of toilet paper in the middle of the night and you won't want to miss out on those little creature comforts either like soap and shower gel.


In the city it's easy for Gerald and Samantha to pop over in a taxi with Claude and Claire for a dinner party and they can all get dropped off. Not so easy when you're 25 miles from civilisation. People are less likely to want to come and see you for certain types of event, whilst if you have a swimming pool in a big old stretch of land then they're likely to want a little too much. Getting that balance can be the difficult thing.


Unsurprisingly being out in the country takes you nearer to nature. This means that you'll be surrounded by more birds, more bats, more little creepy crawlies and certainly more rats and spiders. Be prepared to either grow a thick skin and live and let live, or get some truly phenomenal in house defences to repel the oncoming surge of wildlife that will be coming underneath your doorway. We'd suggest that if you really can't get over your fear of nightcrawlers you either don't move or simply go off and see a hypnotist.


Doing the school run is bad enough when you live in the city. Finding a local school can be a real nightmare if you are in the middle of nowhere and you certainly aren't going to get a choice based on league tables. If you want to move into the country it might be time to either start considering a residential program for your children or at the very least buying them bikes to get to and fro their educational centre.

Ultimately moving to the country can be a very rewarding experience and so it should be...there's a lifetime of hard-work gone into many moves and we think that there's no better way to reward yourself than with an idyllic nature filled existence. Just make sure you know what's going on when you make the big decision.