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Halloween Removals

11th October 2016

Halloween is just around the corner and we thought it was about time we did something a little seasonal and silly. With so many different monsters out there we wondered what it would be like if some of the classics did the jobs of removal people. It's a bit topical and a bit crazy, but above all a bit of fun. See if you agree with our conclusions.


These hardworking crews would be fine, up until the grim light of the full moon, where they could possibly get twice as much done as the rest of the world with their wolf personalities. With the right training - and maybe a few doggie treats - werewolves could make the perfect removals company. They'd certainly be strong enough to lift whole pianos on their own and could maybe even deliver stuff without a need for a van. The only problem would be slobbering on the furniture.


Would vampires be any good at doing removals? The chances are that these effete monsters would probably be too worried about getting dirt on their tuxedoes or having to work daylight hours. You have to be suspicious about their ability to really pull in a good amount of work when they'll catch fire and die in the sun. They'd also no doubt have quite a few problems when it comes to moving religious paraphernalia or clients who have had garlic sauce on their kebab the night before.


These sisters of darkness would probably make a mean removals crew. After all, they could enchant the furniture to move itself to a new location and having known each other for quite a while in coven-based lifestyles, the chances are they'd have teamwork down to a fine art. If they're anything like the fictional depiction in the Wizard of Oz tales then it's probably best to not ask them to move anything like a full bucket of water. Just in case.


Even if you're a massive fan of the Walking Dead, you probably have to admit that zombies simply wouldn't be able to make the leap into employed life as a removals person. They would be permanently dropping everything, crashing into all kinds of other vehicles on the road and would be useless when it comes to dealing with the fine china. A big no-no on every front.

Of course if you're moving in the days coming up to Halloween, remember that Trick or Treating could be the ideal way for you to go and say hello to your new neighbours and there would be nothing stopping you from bucking tradition and taking a few gifts round with you.