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When the home removals firm leaves...what's next?

13th September 2016

There's loads of excitement and energy on the day you actually move house, but what happens afterwards? Once you've settled in for the night there's the next day to contend with, so where should your priorities lie? By getting everything set up as soon as possible you'll be free to get on with your life. So when the home removals firm has left, what are the next steps you should take?


You'll want to get your broadband, TV, phone and other bits sorted out as soon as you wake up. Try to get hold of some details before you arrive and then all you have to do is make the call on the day without scouting around for too much information. In some circumstances you might even have moved services or used some kind of contractual transfer before you left, requiring you to simply set things up now you're in your new pad.

Say hello to your neighbours

As you're going to be living next door to a whole new bunch of people, it's always best to get the relationship off on the best possible foot. Go round and introduce yourself and set up a date for coffee or a glass of wine. People might be available straight away, but everyone likes to make time to meet new friends.

Go for a walk

You might know where the big shops are nearby, giving you an idea of where you have to go for your weekly groceries, but what about when you only want to pop out or simply grab a take-away? It's always good to take a stroll round the streets without having to go too far in order to find your nearest local facilities. If the day is nice then why not try to venture a little further and see if you can discover a park?

Try local transport

With an increasing range of public services available, especially if you've moved into one of the country's larger cities, it can be good to track down the nearest transport facilities available. Check out tube stations and bus stops and then go back home and use your phone to map out possible routes. This can be especially helpful when looking at different ways to get to work.

So when the home removals firm has gone, it's time to dig in and make a move into your new home and responsibilities. With so much to do you're always best to choose a moving firm who'll take everything off your hands, leaving you with all the time and space in the world to get on with what's needed.