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The 4 Types of Amateur Removals Driver

1st August 2016

In the spirit of the summer we thought we'd have a little bit more fun out on our blog. There's plenty of reasons why you should use a fully professional home removals company, but with many choosing to cut corners especially when moving between two different lettings properties, we thought we'd take a sideways look at some of the more amateur removals drivers you might meet.

The Map Freak

In these days of Sat Nav and all kind of Google direction apps there's no excuse for using an old fashioned map for your removals drive. However some people simply can't let go of their paper backed road atlases. Not only do they have to rely on colour tabbed pages to get them from A to B, if you're unlucky enough to be sitting in the front seat, then you'll have to be the navigator too.

The Seasoned Driver

You'll be lucky to have a seasoned driver who knows the route to your new home. The only problem you might have is that they won't be told a thing and they're sure even their twenty year road knowledge will still see them through. Just wait for them to say "it's all changed since I was last here" as you find yourself stuck in the fun and games of a whole new one way system that never seems to end.

The Free Spirit

No maps, no clue and certainly no preparation. You're in for a long haul if this guy or girl is taking you on the shortest removals journey. They try to use road signs and the kindness of strangers to get you from A to B, but in all honesty you'll be in the lap of the gods as you try to make your way from your old property through to your new home.

The Angry Sort

They might be a competent driver, but getting from A to B could see you arriving in hospital with high blood pressure if you rely on this individual for your home removals company. There are many stresses that you will have to endure whilst moving into a new property and in our opinion the drive should most definitely not be one of them.

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