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Home Removals in the Movies

5th July 2016

Everyone loves a little bit of film entertainment - and we're no different in the Norfolk home removals business. We thought we'd do something a little different this time out and take a look at some of our favourite films that encompass the art of putting all your possessions in the hands of some professional people, and transporting them all to a new place.


Who can forget this classic? One of Tim Burton's finest and full of dark jokes, Beetlejuice is a comedy that plays on the creepier side of the supernatural. A couple are killed as they try to move into their new house, barely getting time to unpack their boxes before they have a sinister turn in a car accident. At least the removals men did a perfect job even if the new owners driving was truly less than perfect.

101 Dalmatians

Remember the removals men in this film? When the little dogs colour themselves with soot off an old fireplace they manage to hitch a lift back to London in the back of a removals van. You might argue that these removals men were a little slack in doing their jobs, but perhaps they knew what was going on all along and just turned a blind eye to the hundred plus pooches stealing a free ride with the furniture.

The Goonies

Remember Chuck and the gang getting all upset because they have to move out of their homes? The removals people are literally getting ready to hock everything into the vans and lorries when they go on an adventure without parallel. Thanks to the antics of Mike Mouth and the rest, they take on the myriad traps left in place by the dastardly One Eyed Willy, traversing caves and jumping through hoops. One of the truly classic movies of the 1980s, great because they manage to avoid the removal process...but we'll let them off on this occasion.

The Others

With all the family friendly stuff on the list, we thought we'd add in something that's really only for mum and dad with its creepy atmosphere and shady script. The Others is perhaps one of Nicole Kidman's most epic performances showing us the difficulties of moving into a house only to find that the ghosts there haven't moved out. I guess that spectral removals companies simply aren't as efficient as those out here in the real world/.

Ultimately at the heart of any movies is a whole load of drama. If there's one thing you probably don't want at any stage during your removal process is one spot of theatrics or comedy. So, make sure that all your prize possessions are in the safest pair of hands and book in Alan Cook to do the business.