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Packing Materials for Home Removals

22nd June 2016

When you go for your home removals, it's not simply a case of sticking everything in the back of a van and then off you go. No, there's much more to it than that. You have to obviously individual wrap and pack items to then be stacked inside your transport. So in this article we take it right back to basics and have a quick look at the selection of packing materials you might need to help in your home move.


One of the staples of any move has to be the cardboard box. Available in a number of different sizes, gone are the days when you had to have an eagle eye in the bay at the supermarket to get your hands on the boxes for your move. Most companies will now supply these as part of the arrangement in a flat pack basis, leaving you to simply construct the body and apply a little tape.


When you're looking to pack large pieces of ornate furniture and want to avoid the wood getting marked or scratched during the removals process, then you should ideally cover the surfaces with a blanket. This prevents knocks and scrapes from other large pieces of furniture or boxes affecting your prize possessions.

Wrapping Paper

You'll want to make sure that your best china and plates arrive without chipping or worse still, breaking into minute parts. One of the oldest ways of dealing with your cups and saucers during the past few decades has been wrapping them up in newspaper, however this practice is definitely dying out as many removals companies provides you with plain paper. Obviously this is free of ink and won't stain the beautiful white colour on your crockery.

Custom Made Boxes

If you need to transport priceless antiques, there are removal companies that will go to the complete trouble of building you an entire packing case completely from scratch. This will be designed, constructed and finished specifically for your Ming vase or Picasso painting, so will not be the most cost effective option. However, the value of such services are priceless as one little chip or mark in these amazing antiques can diminish the value forever.

Why not simply take all the sting out of the packing process and leave it to the experts? There's nothing better than getting someone else in to deal with your entire removal process whilst you take the day off to relax after all the stress from having to buy a house and deal with solicitors and estate agents.

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