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Removal vehicles - the choices!

13th May 2016

When it comes to removals you'll definitely need a vehicle or two to assist you in shifting your belongings to your new house. With a wide variety of different modes of transport at your disposal, which one is the best to suit your moving situation.


Believe it or not some people like to do at least a few of their removals on a bike, but only if they're not moving too far. A jaunt across town with some of your most valuable items and jewels in a box doesn't seem so bad if there are certain things you want to protect, beyond any possibility of damage or loss. Wildly impractical for the longer journeys, of course. Still not a bad way to do your removals.


There are always certain things that can go in the car when it comes to moving house. One of the most common has to be those boxes of vital belongings that you can't do without on arrival. We're talking about light bulbs, phone chargers, boxes of cutlery, plates, cup and coffee. Everything you need to start making your new house into a home without having to dig through a ton of crates.


A van can be the perfect assistance for your home move when you're leaving behind rental accommodation for your first owned property. There are some fairly big vans out there that are available with drivers and assistants to help you get the real heavy stuff up those stairs. Of course if you have too much stuff for one big lorry, then vans are ideal to carry all the overspill.


Without question the king of removal vehicles. Lorries are perfect for when you want to shift your entire life from A to B in a short amount of time. More often than not you'll need to get your head around using a driver and there's room in the cab for a helper or two, who will get your belongings and possessions out at the other end.

There are of course other options when it comes to international removals, including flights and sea container shipping that will help your relocation. Naturally for the best service it's always advisable for you to call in the experts. If you want to move in a hassle free, easy manner then simply get in contact with Alan Cook Removals and we'll do all the rest for you.