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The Most Difficult Objects to Move

25th March 2016

Moving wardrobes and fridges may be hard work, but ultimately elbow grease will get these objects up to higher floors. However, there are more tricky items out there to move, and these need a whole load more expert care and pre-thought before attempting to shift them.

Just what are the most challenging objects to take to a new home?


There's a cliché in the removals game about pianos. Especially grand pianos. These hugely difficult and cumbersome objects are not only weighty, but they're also often prize possessions with a whole load of delicate workings in the interior that are used to create that big stringed sound. With a whole load of careful planning and some very dedicated workers it is possible to get these objects into the upper floors of houses.


The trouble with a safe is that if it's not secure in a property, thieves will simply steal it and take it to another location to dismantle it at their leisure. This means that safes are often completely secure in their fixings making them incredibly difficult to move. Whilst some removals companies are adept at moving safes, it is usually the case that a locksmith is required to help with the objects transfer to a new building.

Fine Art

When a prized possession or belonging has a tremendous value then moving it can be a nerve racking experience. Assuming it is not a picture or vase that can be transported in the hands of an owning party, then expert help is needed. Fortunately there are removals companies out there who build bespoke packing and cases for all kinds of treasured artefacts, ensuring that they arrive at their new home in pristine condition.


As we talked about in one of our recent blogs, there is a whole art form to moving plants from A to B. You have to be so incredibly careful when transporting these living organisms as they don't like being move around and their leaves and fronds tend to be extremely delicate. However if you do want to know more about how to make your plants' move as comfortable as possible - take a look here...

Of course, there's an easy way to move all these objects, and that's to employ an expert hand in the moving process like the artful movers at Alan Cook Removals. We know how to take care of everything that matters to you, and we put the same level of attention to detail even into the small stuff.