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Moving to the Moon

11th March 2016

First there were removals. Then removals overseas. Will there be removals off planet?
In the future there's likely to be manned spaceflights to the whole solar system. But with inner space down here on old earth fastly running out perhaps it won't be too long before you've got the option to relocate to the lunar surface. With property prices on the rise here on good old terra firma it might also be the case that taking everything to the moon is still considerably cheaper than living in the South East of England.

So asides from the property prices, how would moving into space actually affect the whole removals process?

  • Carrying your boxes up the stairs will be great...with the weightlessness experienced on the moon, it will be a doddle to carry your objects up stairs and into the higher floors on your house. Even tough and difficult jobs like piano removals can be completed by one hardy worker simply picking up the instrument on his own.
  • They'll be plenty of room to park your spacecraft - isn't it a pain when you're moving house to a built up area and there's absolutely no parking available for your removals company to park in, putting time on the whole job? Well it's going to be a fair few years before the moon is similarly congested, giving you more than enough parking bays.
  • The intergalactic highways should be fairly quiet - so no need to worry about moving your possessions and belongings at a quiet time. There's so much intergalactic superhighway available to you even on the most busy day of people moving to the moon, your move won't be held up.
  • There's no danger of your removals van getting lost on the way - with only one way to the moon and such a big target to hit, there's absolutely no danger of your moving company taking a wrong turn and ending up in Pluto. And there's certainly no danger that they'll get the wrong address when coming straight down on your property instead of getting lost in a maze of roads.
  • It won't be such a problem if someone drops your china - even though we make sure that we never drop anything at Alan Cook Removals, it might be the case that one of the not so professional removals companies drops a box full of your best china on the moon. Never fear, the lack of strong gravity might mean that your precious teacups and plates all stay in one piece on impact.

Obviously our article this week has been a little on the light-hearted side and we hope you've enjoyed the change. Of course, there's nothing that's amusing about our removals service, which we take pretty seriously, giving you an out of this world home move.