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Most Expensive Relocations

26th February 2016

Are you thinking of ditching the UK in favour of a foreign country? Overseas moves are without question one of the most complex and stress fraught process that you could possibly engage in. Good thing there are some quality removals companies out there who can give you a helping hand.

Even though the world is your oyster as they say, with removals companies able to export your precious goods and belongs to any destination in the world, are there some places that are still prohibitively expensive to move? In this article we look at the top five places where a relocation would truly burn a hole in your pocket.


The so called Garden City. With tons of trade routes and a busy commercial business hub this destination has grown in popularity over the years, featuring a clean and serene image where the streets are free of trouble. It's a good thing too as the property here is astronomically priced, so you'd want to be sure your neighbours are of that all important champagne class. Property Price per sq. metre = $25K


Now if you're going to relocate down under you're probably looking at some of the more costly removal fees, as this place is actually half way around the world, whichever way you go. However once you're there the cash won't stop flowing like water out of your pocket. Property Price per sq. meter = = $12K AUD


Norway is rated as one of the most liberal places on the planet. With a progressive justice system and a gender balanced society there are plenty of reasons to move your location over to the city of Oslo. That is until you see the price of housing where you'll be lucky to get anything once you've sold your mansion in the UK. Property Price per sq. meter = Kr 60K


It's the country that removed its economy from the Eurozone and as a result they've managed to stabilise their financial situation. The result of this for the home mover is absolutely negligible as once you've paid your removal company, as you'll be vying for shoulder space with some of Europe's elite. Property Price per sq. meter = $23K


It's the city of love and only a footstep away from the UK. You'd think that relocation here would not be too much of a problem, but once you've paid the removals guys then there's a good chance you'll be stuck in a small flat the size of a postage stamp with what your money will buy you in the French capital. Property Price per sq. metre = EURO 9K

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