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Five Compelling Reasons as to Why You Should Move this Christmas

18th December 2015

Most people try to avoid moving house at Christmas. With the darkness, horrible weather and the crazy calendar preparations, it's so much simpler to wait for the sunshine days of summer for your home move.

However we've decided to rock the boat this yuletide, and give you a little whimsical look at five reasons why you should actually go against popular opinion and dig up sticks this Christmas.

One - It's Easier to Pack

At Christmas you've already packed and wrapped up a number of your new belongings in the form of presents. We say why stop there? Get on a roll and start packaging and wrapping all your stuff and before you know it you'll be ready for a home move.

The great thing about this idea is that you'll have the joy of unwrapping all your possessions in your new home, not only a few socks and boxes of chocolate.

Two - Avoid the Unwelcome Guests

Are you tired of putting up with Uncle John's awful meal time jokes, or is the big afternoon always ruined by Grandma Alison's brandy-buttered snoring?

And, if you move over Christmas you could accidentally forget to tell certain relatives your new address, giving you a chance to have a few days of peace around the tree without the interruptions.

Three - It's Easier to Get Your Preferred Time Slot

Try to move in the busy summer months and you'll be competing for a slot with all the other people who want to get everything done in the sunshine. If you want to move during the busy period over the Christmas weeks, the odds suggest that you're much more likely to get the window you want.

With the proper planning you could even take advantage of your workplace's annual shutdown, and not have to miss out on taking your pick on the holiday days you desire.

Four - If it is Good Enough for Santa

One of the world's most famous removal experts likes to do his best work around Christmas, and boy does he get some work done. We're talking about Santa Claus and the billions of presents that he manages to move in one evening, every single year.

Although you won't be taken up in a sleigh and you'll most definitely want no surprises from the boxes you'll be opening after the move, you will be following in the frosty footsteps of one of Christmas's favourite characters, should you choose to take the plunge and make the winter move.

Five - Start Your Exercise Early

Most people save the start of their exercise schedule for a few days after the commencement of the New Year. After all the guilt bought on by a ton of mince pies and roast turkey with Yorkshire pudding it's no wonder they need to lose a few pounds.

If you decide to switch properties over Christmas however, with all the arranging, packing, stress and running around prior to a home move, you'll already be a few spin classes ahead of the pack.

Of course, you should always decide to move house when it suits you best, and we hope you've enjoyed a slightly sideways look at the theme of Christmas and home removals.

Remember that if you do use our professional moving service, we will take care of everything, giving you a hassle free move no matter what time or season.