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Top tips for moving overseas!

22nd June 2015

Dreaming of moving abroad? Great stuff! We're here to help. We can certainly help you pack everything up and move it to your new home, wherever that might be. But before you go, there will no doubt be a lot of important research planning to do.

And while there are huge differences to moving abroad compared to moving within the UK, it isn't as different in some ways as you might imagine. For example, let's imagine that you move from Norwich to Scotland...which is a considerable distance...Scotland has its own banknotes, laws, and their own culture which, even if not entirely alien, is certainly unique and distinct from English culture. And yes, they even have their own language, Gaelic is spoken by about 60,000 people although you might not hear it unless you live in one of the more remote highland towns or villages far from Glasgow or Edinburgh.

So whether you're moving six thousand miles or six hundred there are some similarities but if you do happen to be moving across the sea to distant lands, it's well worth taking the time to use this official press release and checklist from the UK government to help you be certain you've got everything covered. And while we're at it... maybe you're thinking of moving TO the UK! In which case, check out this list of tips before you leave.