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Postal workers' WW1 time capsule reveals all

13th April 2015

We are creatures of habit, so they say, and one of those habits is a decided inclination is to hoard, hoard, hoard. You might have seen the Hoarder Next Door TV programme where the cameras go into a house and find it stacked to the brim with literally everything that person has ever bought since moving in. But for most of us, this is most definitely not the norm. When our houses get full up and we don't want to throw things away, we find a self-storage service.

Many of our customers have had a storage crate or self-storage container for many many years and you can store pretty much whatever you want inside so even if hoarding is your thing, please give us a ring! Or perhaps it's not so much hoarding but keeping things for posterity and future generations that interests you: a bit like the postal workers in 1921 who stored newspaper clippings, a post office magazine and photographs of dignitaries and visits by Princess Mary and Winston Churchill in a lead-lined box. Those kinds of treasures are worth keeping. So whether you fancy keeping a few things safe and sound for the next couple of years of the next hundred years, it makes no difference to us, we have a crate or container ready and waiting!