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Top Tips for Moving Abroad!

19th December 2014

Moving house in Norwich is one thing, but moving abroad is something else entirely. And while many of us dream of making the leap to having our very own place in the sun few of us end up actually doing it. And it's no surprise really because no matter how much you love the idea of living in eternal sunshine or at least somewhere that has a lot more sun and a lot less rain than the UK does, moving abroad comes at a cost, and not just a financial one.

There's the family question. Yes, you might want some peace and quiet after the kids have finally moved out, and they will no doubt want to come and visit you in your Tuscan villa, but what about not seeing them for six months at a time? Or not seeing your grandchildren? How close your family is can make a big difference to whether or not you move and how far too.

Then there are the locals. Do you speak the lingo? Do you know your way around? Can you read the roads signs, the food labels in a supermarket or the menu in a restaurant? Yes, they might speak English, but if you want to really feel as though you're fitting in and part of your new community, learning the language is the best way to do that. Are you up for a challenge like that?

There are also a few practical things to consider when moving abroad like telling the utility companies you're going and cancelling those direct debits, and letting HMRC know you're leaving the country. And when it comes to your actual move, how will you get your belongings delivered? Does your removals company deliver door to foreign door? (We do by the way!) How long will they take? If things have to go in a container on a ship, they might take weeks to arrive. Can you wait that long?
If it really is your dream, go for it, we will help you all the way, but sometimes there's no harm in leaving a dream as a dream.