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Moving House Apps for iPhone

22nd August 2014

Let's face it, moving house can sometimes be quite a complicated thing to organise. Buyers. Sellers. Estate agents. Solicitors. Surveyors. Conveyancers. Utility companies. TV licensing. And let's not forget the house removals team! The list goes on and on and on. Trying to communicate with all these people can be rather daunting. But fear not! We like to pride ourselves on our customer service and we like to help our customers keep things as simple as possible so we thought we'd share this list of handy house moving apps available for the iPhone.

There's quite a range out there, some are free and others cost a few pence or a pound, not much to risk in the grand scheme of how much it costs to move house. They all come with a variety of features including being able to ask for quotes from various suppliers, to sending / receiving and signing documents from your phone, and even a virtual spirit level for when you want to put up a picture in your new place but haven't found your real spirit level yet in amongst all your boxes. Oh, and yes, there's even an app to help you remember in which box you packed the spirit level too!

One that's not on this list is Phil and Kirstie's app, you know, the famous duo on Channel 4's Location, Location, Location. They've released an app called House-Hunter that's initially focused on the London market but it's useful nonetheless if you happen to be moving from London to Norwich. It is at the higher end of the price range but their app seems quite comprehensive and aims to guide you through the whole process of buying to moving. It also includes a budget calculator and torch feature for when you want to inspect the loft of that dream house you're thinking of buying.

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