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Is your pet taking pride of place?

1st August 2014

Whether you're moving house in Norwich or going further afield, we've all tried or at least heard of the coffee and fresh bread trick when trying to sell our houses but have you heard the one about using your pet?

It's true. It seems “pet placement” is the latest craze in home-staging aka how to prepare your home for sale. This doesn't mean letting your dog loose on the unsuspecting buyer, but it does mean don't be afraid to have them there when you meet and greet a potential buyer. Apart from the fact it's better for you to introduce your dog to the buyer because it's a territorial animal, if you do happen happen to have a friendly “Rover” then his or her wagging tail might be just the ticket. Who can resist the puppy-dog eyes of a chocolate lab after all?

Of course, there are some other practical things to cover too: if you do keep your cat or dog in the house, have a quick tidy up of their basket or food and drink buyer would want to see a mess like that. But when it comes to snakes, rats, stick insects, and other not-so-popular pets… maybe do keep those pets out of sight.

Otherwise, do think twice before packing your pet off to the garden or sending them out for a walk when the buyer turns up, they might just be able to help you sell up and move house!