We love what we do, and we love our customers. As such, over time, we like to share our musings and tales, or write handy tips and facts to help take the stress out of your move or storage needs. Please feel free to share your own hints, tips and stories with us - we may even publish them here for all to enjoy!

Literally Moving House!

11th July 2014

We like to help people move house all over Norwich and Norfolk and sometimes way beyond to places overseas, but we usually only move our customers' belongings not the entire house!

So we were very intrigued to learn that students from Green Mountain College have come up with the "Optimal Traveling Independent Space" otherwise known as OTIS. Measuring a snug 8 x 12 feet, they built it to sleep one and be towable by a mid-size car but be as environmentally friendly and self-sufficient as possible (or "off-the-grid" as they like to say in the US), so it uses reclaimed and recycled materials, has its own water and electricity supply, solar panels, wood burning stove (although we're not entirely sure if that's such a good idea in such a small space but let's go with it for now), a composting system, and rainwater collection system!

It's design was inspired by the changing views and aspirations of college students who want to explore a little more of the world before settling down with a mortgage and raising a family. Maybe UK students will follow suit and even buy one to take to university rather than pay rent. No harm in that we say, go for it and good luck!