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The Long Hot Summer...?

27th June 2014

So England are out of the World Cup (as are Italy, Portugal and Spain), oh well, bring on Euro 2016! At least we've got a possible Andy Murray in the Wimbledon final and a long hot summer to look forward to. OK, maybe the long hot summer bit isn't looking likely right now given the monsoon-like rain we've had in the last week.

But all is not lost!

There are plenty of other things to do in the summer. Like selling a house for example! No! I hear you cry. Who sells a house in the summer? The kids are on holiday and need looking after and the beach is calling! The received wisdom is not to try and sell your house in the summer but if you are forced to then there are some simple things you can do to help improve your chances of success.

The Home Owners Alliance has some good advice for deciding when to sell your house and suggests checking out local seasonal variations, if you're not living in a seaside resort for example, then your chances of selling and moving are probably a lot higher than if you happen to live in Great Yarmouth, Lowestoft or Cromer where everyone's attention will be on enjoying themselves or serving ice cream and chips to the tourists.

Here's some more good advice too, get the windows open in small rooms to avoid stuffiness and swap those heavy curtains for blinds or lighter coloured ones, let the breeze and the light in to freshen things up, get out your garden furniture and dress it like you're having a garden party (summer fruits and fresh orange juice on the table when a buyer does come can help create a good impression), and keep the garden in good shape too; the grass grows quickly...especially with all our monsoon-like rain...and an untidy garden makes it look like it's harder to maintain to a potential buyer. And remember, do the same to the front garden too if you have one, this is the first thing buyers will see. If your garden looks well-tended, brimming with flowers, and easy to maintain then you'll start off on the right foot for sure.