We love what we do, and we love our customers. As such, over time, we like to share our musings and tales, or write handy tips and facts to help take the stress out of your move or storage needs. Please feel free to share your own hints, tips and stories with us - we may even publish them here for all to enjoy!

Rain, rain, go away!

11th June 2014

We're no strangers to a bit of the wet stuff here in Norfolk. Living so close the North sea we're used to things being a bit wet and wild from time to time (not to mention chilly when the North sea wind blows in!). But what's that got to do with moving house in a city like Norwich I hear you cry? Well, more than you'd think actually.

If you've used lots of cardboard boxes for example to pack all your things and the heavens decide to open at exactly the moment you need to move them from house to removals lorry then they're going to get wet! Now our boxes don't tremble or crumble instantly at the first sight or drop of rain of course but some customers do like to move boxes in stages: from bedroom to landing, from landing to hallway, from hallway to front garden. Piling them up neatly in one place can make things easier and more efficient but obviously if they are all stacked up outside and the rain comes down then we're going to have to move like lightning! It's not a problem for our team though - we're used to it and just in case you were wondering "Really? Is the rain such a problem?" - here are some more tips about moving house in the rain from a removals company in Australia, where the sun always shines of course ?