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So you're moving… boat?

28th May 2014

There are thought to be roughly 15,000 houseboats in the UK and the beauty of a houseboat is that everything moves with you but at some point you'll need to move everything into it or out of it, when you first buy it or when you finally decide to put down roots for example. And even though the size of a houseboat might not be much compared to the average two up two down, so there's probably not much to move in and out, you'll still have to move it!

Not surprisingly, most of what we do is help people move house, and when we say house, we mean a house made of bricks and mortar. OK. On the odd occasion they're made of wood too but that's very much the exception rather than the rule. Thus far, we've never moved anyone living in a houseboat but we'd be more than happy to!

It's a little surprising really what with the Broads on our doorstep and being a Norfolk-based removals company, we'd have expected to have moved at least one person or family living on a houseboat but it seems they're a rare breed indeed. Maybe we need to look further afield. The Kennet and Avon is a calling!