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House Prices are on the Move Again!

16th April 2014

The latest reports indicating that house prices are rising again seems to be a mixed blessing. For sellers, the fact that buyers are paying the highest percentage of the asking price since 2004 is an obvious signal that it might be time to move again. Naturally, house removals companies in Norwich and other parts of the country will experience the knock on effect of any increase in sales too.

For first-time buyers there are a lot of first-time deals available but the deposit is likely to be higher and the location might not be quite where you hoped for. But there is some better news, at least average wages seem to be overtaking inflation so if you are saving hard things might be about to get easier. That said, if mum and dad and perhaps even granny and grandad can help towards a deposit then who knows, anything is possible.

Buyer or seller, the BBC's "Where can I afford to live?" online tool can help you find the perfect location, or at least the location where you can start the ball rolling, and of course when you do find your house, you know we're here to help you move!