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The Best Removals Vehicles in Norfolk

28th October 2018

One of the biggest, most important factors in getting your prized possessions from A to B in a home move is the truck. Obviously the type of carriage used is dependent on the size of your personal haul - but there are some real staples of the industry out there that have been used for many a year. In this article we thought we'd take a look at some of the most popular and the best removals vehicles in Norfolk.

The Transit Van

You knew it was going to be on our list. The good old transit van is a staple of all kinds of donkey work, from the small business tradesperson through to the office supply company. If you're the type of person who wants to hop over to a new rental accommodation - or a student looking for new digs then this fast and spacious transport is all the wheels you need.

Long Wheel Base Van

The next step up from the transit is the bigger long wheel base van. Sometimes these are called jumbo vans as like the sausages you get down the chip shop - they're that little bit bigger. They're the perfect size for a couple who want to move from flat to flat or even into a little two up two down - who don't have a ton of furniture, but will be needing to move a bed and sofa.

The Luton Truck

This boxy vehicle takes its name from the Bedford commercial plant that used to be located in Luton. Believe it or not it was originally designed to scoot around boxes of hats made in the town, but has now become a staple of the industry for carrying high volume, low weight loads. You might even see a box on the back of a transit van shell. Great for the smaller removals jobs and if you have a young family just starting out in life with only a few belongings, then this could be the thing to get you into your new home.

The Luton Lorry

The big daddy in the world of removals vehicles is the Luton lorry. This chunky transport can haul a family of four's belongings across the country without breaking into a sweat. This vehicle is something of a mainstay in the industry and can comfortably carry a whole load of home contents around the country. With a tail lift on the back of most Luton lorries, getting a big sofa set or heavy bed into the back is absolutely no trouble.

And Finally

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