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What to Wear When Unpacking Your Belongings

30th September 2018

So, you have finished moving house. The removals crew have dropped off all your worldly possessions in a load of boxes in different rooms of your house. You have probably kept a small case of vital items like plates, towels and a kettle for an easy first night of relaxation. However, tomorrow's going to be a busy day of stripping down the boxes and finding a new home for your old treasures. The only question is - how should you dress for this day of unpacking your belongings?

Lose the Jewellery

Sometimes we forget that we are wearing precious items like our wedding rings or necklaces that have been given to us a special presents over the years. When you are lifting and sorting lots of items there is a small chance that jewellery can get caught or snagged on corners and rough edges. This could give you cuts or abrasions, slowing down your progress throughout the day, and potentially damage your treasured items. Additionally if you have long hair you may want to tie it back to stop it getting in the way of your sight.

There's Trouble Afoot

Make sure that you wear a good, hard-toed shoe that can protect your feet if you drop anything on them. You may want to go as far as borrowing a pair of steel toe-capped boots or shoes for the day to make sure that your feet are free from injury. Harder leather shoes are always better than soft trainers and ladies should wear some kind of flat soled shoes or shoes with a low heel to provide better grip on the ground when handling heavier objects. Higher heels are liable to slip and could prove dangerous.

Wear Old Clothes

In the same way that your jewellery could get caught, so could your clothes. And for this reason we would recommend always wearing some kind of older garments that you are no longer worried about. An old pair of jogging bottoms and a faded t-shirt are ideal and if you want to protect your fingers when doing the heavy lifting then there's nothing wrong with using an aging pair of winter gloves.

One of the easiest ways to think about what you should wear when unpacking your belongings is to simply copy what you'd wear when doing the painting and decorating. Because your new house may have sat unoccupied for a while, it could be rather dusty and in need of a clean, therefore you'll want to wear older clothes that won't get ruined by the odd splash of grease or old dirt.

And as ever, if you need some help moving into your new house, then you know where to come - give Alan Cook Removals a call and let us provide you with a competitive quote for getting from A to B. We always provide a great service and will help you get ready to unpack your belongings in your new residence.