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Making Your New House into a Home

1st September 2018

Moving is only part of the picture. Getting everything packed up and placed into the removals truck is half the battle. The big question is how do you go about making your new house into a home?

In this article we look at the big things you can do both before and after you get your new property. Ensuring that it feels comfortable familiar and everyone settles in as quickly as possible.


It has to be the big one. Have you ever noticed how different a house looks when you have been over all the floors with the vacuum cleaner? Or how the bathroom looks when it has a bit of shine? If you can get together with the family and take some time out before you actually move to go around your new home and give it the once over - particularly if it's empty for a while it will feel more like your place.


Why not start as you mean to continue. If you have the time to clean before you move, then why not consider putting up a fresh coat of paint on some of the walls or even repapering. If you have a selection of favourite pictures or posters then get them up on the wall as soon as possible, in similar rooms to those you had them in before. All those small touches and decorations will make your new abode feel familiar and personal.

Don't Wait

It can be tempting to leave many of your possessions in boxes, especially if you have a spare room or too where you're dumping everything for the moment. All too often you can slip into a pace of life and put off unpacking everything that's a little less than necessary to your day to day existence. Get everything put away where it should be and you'll soon be feeling more relaxed and settled in.

Do the Garden

Not only does a good garden look great, making your house appear tidy and neat, gardening is actually one of the most relaxing activities you can perform around the house. It's also fantastic if you have a family as you can get everyone involved, pulling up weeds and putting down the smartphones and tablets for a while. It brings the crew together and makes you feel like one in the new pad.

And of course...

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