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If England Players Were Removals Workers

3rd July 2018

You might have noticed that the world cup is on. We thought we'd go for a fun little article and ask ourselves what if England players were removals workers? These brave lads who have pulled on the shirts to play for their county may be doing the business now, but what if they were born into another life?

We thought we'd look at the current starting XI and have a go at seeing where they would fit into the removals team at Alan Cook Removals.

Harry Kane

You know he's good in the box and is great when it comes to putting things away. You would probably have Harry Kane as the main man on the job and you won't have to pay any penalties for employing him as your team leader. Calm under pressure and able to put in a great performance when you really need it - this is the man you would want in charge of all your best possessions. Like a golden trophy. Just saying.

Jordan Henderson

He's the man in the middle who makes it all happen. You'd want Henderson to drive your van or lorry to make sure that the important transport runs smoothly. He's an experienced hand at the wheel and knows exactly where success is stationed. You can rely on him to navigate his way through most sticky situations and get the crew through to the required destination.

John Stones

With a strong frame and a good head you would want John Stones doing a lot of the heavy lifting from the back of the van. This hefty defender would put in a shift where-ever you put him in the crew, but would be best organising the boxes coming off the lorry and helping deliver the goods to the rest of the workforce so they could distribute them throughout the new property.

Dele Alli

He's got a great eye and he's good at sizing things up. Dele Alli would be the perfect chap on the removals crew to spec up the job in the first instance. You know he's good with the angles and you can rely on him for some innovative space saving tricks to make sure you get the most out of the transport. A likeable guy who is good with the customers and a great communicator, you can rely on Alli to get it right.

If you want a real removals team who always give 110% on every single occasion then you're better of leaving dreams of what if England players were removals workers and calling the champions. Alan Cook Removals has what it takes no matter who the opposition might be.