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How to Store Your Furniture

23rd May 2018

Thinking of how to store your furniture? If you are not moving into a new house immediately or you are downsizing significantly for a while whilst you save up for a new home, you may be thinking of putting some of your bigger items into storage. Why should you have to sell your favourite table or armchairs simply because you have run out of space?

There are now some very competitive storage facilities available making this the ideal choice for those who are not ready to take on bigger digs...or even if you want to take a few months off to go around the world, travelling.

If you are thinking of taking this step, what are some of the precautions that you can take in order to make sure that your furniture stays fresh and free from damage?

Get It Covered

Dust, mites and insects can all find their way into your furniture when it's in storage. Putting covers over everything will help form a barrier between wood and upholstery, and the outside world. Additionally covers will help protect from knocks and bounces during the moving process, helping you avoid the deadly scrapes and scratches that could ruin the look of a dining table.

Bubble Wrapping Glass

Many items that are partially made of glass can come apart to protect the glass portion of the item, such coffee and dining tables. When you are dealing with a large piece of glass, even if it has been toughened, it is always advisable to wrap it in a considerable amount of bubble wrap and table to prevent knocks and impacts taking a chunk out of the glass

Give It Space

Even though space comes at a premium in any storage centre this doesn't mean that you should make use of every single inch. Even though it can be tempting to stack cupboards up on a table, or to lay down a bookcase to make more room, remember this may cause you problems in the future. If you cannot be sure as to how you stacked items, then you could cause furniture to drop or even break when items are removed from the pile.

Take It Apart

You can however save space of course by taking apart your furniture and stowing each part away individually. Many items such as tables and wardrobes can be partially or completely dissassembled not only allowing you to get more storage for your money, but also protecting delicate legs and draw handles from knocks and scrapes. Make sure however that you keep all the screws and fixings in a zip lock bag or similiar and fix this to the item to keep it safe.

And when you have made a decision on exactly how to store your furniture, then why not give Alan Cook a call? We have the storage units with enough space to hold your sofas, armchairs and anything else that cannot fit in your current accommodation. And what's more, we have also got all the vehicles you could ever need to take your precious belongings from your house to our storage facilities.