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Find the Right Removals Company

17th April 2018

Want to know how to find the right removals company? In today's fast paced and increasingly online world there are more opportunities for less than reputable organisations to get in front of customers. When you are trusting a business to move the sum total of your possessions and belongings, you want to be sure that you are using an honest service. What are some of the simplest checks you can perform to gain assurance you are dealing with a quality provider?

Word of Mouth

If you want to find out whether or not a company live up to their promises, word of mouth is an invaluable tool. Talk to someone who has recently moved house and find out who they used, and more importantly, if they were satisfied with the service. Recommendation is a powerful tool and if you ask a trusted or close friend with your best interests at heart then it is incredibly unlikely you will be referred to a less than adequate business.

Google Reviews

Internet reviews are becoming an increasingly powerful way to assess a company's competency. Look for the majority of the reviews as there will always be the odd outlier with an axe to grind. If there are a consistent range of good, recent reviews then you can be assured that the provider lives up to expectations. There are few incentives for people adding a review online, which makes this quite a reliable source of information.

Website and Social Media

There have been some scams in the past where removals companies have offered incredibly low prices to customers, only to disappear with all their belongings. If you have never heard of a company then start with the basics. Do they have a website and a social media presence across sites like Facebook and Twitter? If so, is there a history of posting and do they have a realistic amount of followers? Remember if a price is significantly lower than every other quote you get, there may be something else going on.

Pay a Visit

There is no better way to check a company than visiting their premises in person. This should give you an idea of who they are as a business. Often how they do one single thing is how they do everything. So if the yard is full of rubbish and the place is generally untidy and dirty, perhaps you should be having some second thoughts about their ability to fulfil their promises as a suitable provider.

And as a final statement, if you have any doubt about a company's credentials, you can always look elsewhere. Of course you could always make sure you find the right removals company with a quick call to Alan Cook. You can even come and visit our offices and talk to our senior staff. Everything we do is centered around providing a fair and honest service to all our customers.