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Best Exercises for Removals

18th March 2018

What are the best exercises for removals? Until we are all ruled by robot overloads, removals will always rely on a whole load of manpower. Calculating the twists and turns to move wardrobes around corners, lugging sofas down stairs and dismantling beds doesn't only require some sterling brainwork.

You also need to have the grunt to make things happen. And at Alan Cook Removals, our men have the resilience of a long distance runner combined with the sheer lifting power of an Olympic weightlifter. Of course, as with everything, there's a whole load of technique involved in carrying things from A to B, but here are some of our favourite exercises to keep our removals crew in check:


There's a good way to lift with the knees and thighs, and a bad way to lift with the back. Whilst you might be able to get away with casually lifting things without nesting properly, this is not a good long term strategy for your back health. Squats are the perfect exercise to help you get the essential lifting power in your legs.

Whilst many of the gym rats you know may prefer to skip leg day, as the saying goes, by developing this strong lifting posture, you're protecting your back from those injuries that could see you down the chiropractor for the rest of your days.


Another exercise that requires you to get down to the ground and extend your lifting power is the deadlift. You need great technique for this one, so perhaps get a personal trainer or someone down the gym to show you how. This lift is all about using your thighs and hips to get heavy objects off the floor with a straight back.

Good practice for grabbing the bottom of furniture and great for giving you excellent posture, the deadlift is a strong contender for one of the best exercise activities for any removals worker.

Farmer's Carry

If you have seen the World's Strongest Man, you will be familiar with the Farmer's Carry. This exercise requires you to saddle up with some heavy weights on each arm and then transport them over a short distance. And then back again. This focuses on your strength, resilience and above all carry power.

Needless to say it's a little obvious why this exercise might be good for a removals worker. With many people electing to put goods in bags rather than boxes, the farmers carry ensures that the maximum amount of load is achieved on every journey.

How It's Done

So you've finished your best exercises for removals?

And now you want to see a masterclass of workers in action. The sensible options is to get Alan Cook Removals in for your home move. Our guys have what it takes to load up all your personal belongings in next to no time without a danger of breakages or knocks. We're experts at what we do because we stay focused and pride ourselves on delivering the very utmost in service.