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House Selling Tips

20th February 2018

So you want to move into a new home. Before you start spending your money however there's one thing you must do. And that's sell the old place and get a good return on your money. With the market being quite competitive these days, what are some house selling tips to make sure that you manage to get the price you need for your property and that the people interested in making the purchase stick to their word?

Listen to the Estate Agent

Everyone likes to think that they know best, but the truth of the matter is that your estate agent sells houses every day and they may well have some tips that can help you add that extra touch of style to your home. Don't be offended as even if you are in love with some of your interior design features, if you take the agents advice then you probably won't be living here for too much longer.

Clean and Tidy

It may sound obvious but you want to make sure that a little thing like dirty windows or an un-hoovered carpet might well put a potential customer off purchasing your home. The first things people see can colour their entire feeling about a building and prevent them from having that must-have-it feeling you want to engender in your buyer. Ensure that you do the hard work of making the house look effortlessly spotless before you invite the estate agent into your house with interested parties.

Leave the Removals

You may be dying to leave and get into the spirit of moving but remember seeing a house where everything is stuck in boxes does not put the best side of your property forward. Save the packing until you have signed the contract for your new residence, and even then you could get a friendly removals company to do all the hard work for you. If only you knew someone capable of doing a great job for you.

The Oldest Trick in the Bake

Someone once said that we buy with our eyes. This might be true, but the most powerful trigger for memories is smell. Remember how a single sniff of that perfume or aftershave can take you back to some of the most romantic nights of your life? Well, why not harness this mechanism to help you sell your home. A couple of drops of vanilla essence on a baking tray in the oven will fill your house with a cooking smell that will summon up images of home in your buyer. And it could help them make the right decision.

When you do sell the old place and it's time to move, make sure you take our best house selling tips and book in our removals service. Our teams of experienced workers are always ready to go the extra mile in order to keep you happy - and when it comes to getting all your belongings firmly slotted away in timely fashion there's no-one better out there. Call us today.