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A House Is For Life - Not Just Valentine's

2nd February 2018

With everyone's favourite romantic evening poised around the corner, we thought we'd take a loving look at the gentle art of buying a house. People fall in love every day, but is it a good idea to fall head of heels with the first property you see. In modern times very few people end up marrying a childhood sweetheart and a mantra that is often repeated is that you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find a prince. So how can you make sure that you end up living in a fairy tale castle rather than a run-down swamp?

Trust your head not your gut

We tend to make decisions based on emotion rather than rational. When you see a lovely looking place in an area that's highly desirable, it can be easy to ignore some of the signs that could spell trouble further on down the line. Don't think that you could fit the whole family into less space than you have now even if the rooms are compact and cute. This is a time to let the utility needs of your best beloved trump you aesthetic design aspirations.

Two become one

Has the property had any serious revisions to the structure over the years, such as a conservatory or extension? And if so, then how are the joins between the buildings or do you perhaps even feel a change in air quality or temperature when you walk into the new section of the house. If there are small cracks then this is par for the course, but big fractures should have alarm bells ringing as you hot-foot it out of there.

Fake it till you make it

Men can lie on dates about their past achievements and women can overdo it with the beauty enhancements. These days there is a growing industry in romantic deception that's mirrored by certain property selling behaviours that could have you looking the wrong way. Be aware of the oddly positioned curtain, take a look behind wardrobes and if you find that there's a whole load of resistance coming to you peeking around, take this as a sign there may well be something to hide.

Get the official verdict

Think you have found the right property partner? Do the due diligence and have an expert check it out. Just like you want your new lover to get on with your bestie, and you'll be worried if they don't gel, hire an expert to review your potential new home. This way you won't miss a single thing and you can relax in the knowledge you are making all the right moves.

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