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Students: How to Find Suitable Housemates

18th November 2017

Many students start the year living in on campus dwellings. If you are one of these people then you're probably enjoying your first time away from home, making new friendships and making relationships that could last the rest of your life.

The future however is always one step around the corner and one thing you'll need to consider as you look towards your 2nd and 3rd years is the question of where you want to live.

Obviously rented accommodation is the sensible answer, but to go into a shared house requires one thing - other tenants. Ideally, you'll want to find the right people with whom to share your space, rather than moving into a house of multiple occupancy.

So how to find suitable housemates to live with in your new student digs?

Party Poopers

Whilst having a party is a great thing, do you want to be waking up on a Saturday morning wading past half drunk cans of beer and tip-toeing past random strangers asleep on your sofa?

Of course you don't. Parties are fine if you're not the house hosting them - so whilst the fun crowd might seem exciting and elusive, which of course they are - remember that you always want to be able to leave the party when it suits you.

No Fear of Washing Up

One of the greatest causes of discontent in the average student household is the washing up. Piles of dirty dishes, cups and saucers often litter the draining board and people get very tired of having to wash up a plate before using it, perpetuating the whole problem.

Dirty washing up is horrible and puts you right off eating when you come home - and who wants to have to nag their friends to do something that only takes 5 minutes.

Stay on Course

University may seem like it's about many things, but ultimately there's one thing that rates above all the others. And that's your final result. Getting a better class of degree will open the doorways of opportunity and could lead to more opportunities and job offers.

Find suitable housemates on the same course as you...allowing you to knowledge pool and share information and techniques. And increasing your chances of getting through the exams with a stellar result. Who wouldn't want that?

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