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Alan Cook Removals: Summer Overseas Removals

30th June 2017

God. It's hot out there. Just the kind of weather where you want to be lugging around big boxes and stuck in the hot cab of a lorry running from A to B. Typical British really, moaning about the cold and then whining on about the heat. So to interrupt the gas-bagging we thought we'd put together one of our famous funny articles and take a look at some of the more amusing places where you could move to and the difficulties in performing professional summer overseas removals.

The North Pole

If you're one of those people who really hate the heat then the North Pole could well be the place for you to go. The removals truck would have to be replaced by a snow crawler and it could be several weeks before you reached your new destination. With constant threats from polar bears it could be a little tricky unpacking your stuff and then there's the danger of your house floating away on an ice sheet.

The Fjords of Norway

Maybe you are one of those people who simply loves the daylight? You find yourself much peppier when the sun is shining and you can sit up till forever enjoying yourself in those long evenings. Well, Norway with its land of the midnight sun tag, could be the ideal place for you and as we understand it has a very good road system and removals here are a piece of cake. So whilst this might make for a great moving experience, it means we are a little low on the jokes.

Sahara Desert

Like a beach style holiday? Then there's plenty of space waiting for you at the Sahara Desert. It might be a little on the toasty side, but there's plenty of opportunities to work on your tan and build as many sandcastles as you like. Saying this, finding a dwelling might be difficult as most of the accommodation here is in the form of tents and you could be looking at a long old move with all your goods and belongings being hauled on the back of a camel.


And of course, if summer is your most hated month then you could always move to Scotland. Bit of a cheat as although it is another country, it's not really overseas. Still rumour has it that their summers only last for a couple of days before its back to the rain and bad weather, meaning that you won't be troubled by those hot late nights and days. Moving is easy, the roads are probably connected to your current location and as long as you like haggis, whiskey and clichés then you'll be in great company.

Summer overseas removals can be a serious business. If you want to work with a company that knows what's going on, the Alan Cook could be your ideal migration partner. Simply give us a call or drop us an email and we will tell you how we can take all the fuss out of a home move.