Lowestoft house removals,
packing and storage services

Moving to or from Lowestoft? Call your local removals team! Because we know Lowestoft and we know what you need.
We’ve been helping people move to and from Lowestoft for many years now with not a single glass or plate broken or misplaced! As a locally based home removals company, we know the area well and how to best to serve our customers wanting to move to or from it.

Sat Nav only gets you so far! But our knowledge of the local roads and daily conditions means we can outsmart the tourist traffic and the fallen tree blocking the road – meaning we are far less likely to be delayed in collecting or delivering your precious cargo!

“Polite, friendly, professional. Well done and thanks.” – Lowestoft

We treat each and every customer and their possessions with the utmost care and consideration and know when is and is not a good time or good route to take. We also keep a range of different vehicles in our fleet to ensure we can move large loads, or smaller loads into the tightest of driveways or spaces.

The Benefits of Using Our Removals Service to and from Lowestoft:

  • We offer a superior level of service at competitive prices – we are a member of BAR – the British Association of Removers, membership number C121.
  • No charge for waiting time if keys are released late;
  • The price on your quotation is the price you pay – no hidden fees at all;
  • For peace of mind, we offer varying levels of insurance;
  • Contact us today for a FREE ESTIMATE.

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