Removals – The Most Valuable Breakables

One of the things we have to do as a quality removals company is make sure that we treat all of our customer’s items with the ultimate of respect. This is really true when it comes to those painfully breakable items that could well smash and crash under the slightest bit of pressure. So what are the most valuable items out there and how would we plan to move them if they needed to go from A to B?

Ming Vase – £53.1 Million

It’s hard to care for something when a customer really doesn’t care and this is the case with the world’s most expensive Ming Vase. Auctioned for £53.1 million in 2012, it had sat on a wobbly shelf for a number of years before the customer decided to flog it on. How would we move it? Well aside from the comic answer of extremely slowly, we could build a bespoke case to ensure that it did not stand any chance of damage.

John Lennon’s Upright Piano £2.3 Million

It’s the piano on which the legendary tune Imagine was composed. The long haired Beatle’s fingers tickled these ivories over and over again as he sang laments and love songs to Yoko Ono. It’s now owned by another pop star in the form of George Michael and if he ever needs to get it from A to B then he can always use Alan Cook Removals special piano moving service.

The Ron Arad Stainless Steel Sofa £300K

This all metal sofa is said to cost a pretty penny, but being made out of stainless steel the chances are it weighs a whole lot more. You’ll need some serious experts to move this piece of furniture, which some experts claim is the most expensive sofa in the world, as it resembles the bat logo. Still we’d certainly give it a crack and wrap it appropriately using a team of men to slowly navigate it through you house and onto the journey to your new property.

The Badminton Chest £19.1 Million

An ebony cabinet that measures up at over 12ft in height, the Badminton Cabinet is one piece of furniture that has twice set the world record for the most expensive piece ever sold. Apparently it was commissioned by a young Duke of Badminton who wanted it made at the tender age of 19. Taking 30 expert craftsmen some 6 years to make, it would only take 1 person to make the wrong move in a single moment to damage it, so we’d wrap it well and perhaps put a whole team on making sure it arrives in perfect condition.

Of course, Alan Cook Removals are not only good at handling the expensive stuff, but we also have a huge amount of skill at doing the day to day removals, making sure that everything you own arrives in the same pristine condition as when it left your home. We understand that moving is one of the most stressful times in your life, and so we make sure that we’re part of the solution.