Best Food for Removals Day

When it’s removals day, the last thing you want to do is stand there and go through all the hassle of actually cooking a meal. With a huge number of take-away and other options out there, what’s are the best ways to get some sustenance into you when you’ve had a hard day on the road moving it?

In this article we take a bit of a leftfield look at some of the grub you could indulge in when you’re tired and worn out after all that running around.

Fish and Chips

A real British classic, fish and chips has its genesis in the London streets over 130 years ago. It’s full of fat and flavour and will really help you restore your energy levels when you have been on the go all day. Add a little salt and vinegar to boost the flavour, but the best thing about it is not the food, it’s the fact you can eat out of the paper and not have to dig around for plates.


All you need is an oven and around 15 minutes and you can cook yourself a pizza. With a load of different toppings available, why not get one to suit every member of the family and then you’ll have no arguments. In fact, you can even swap and share slices around as you make plans for all the adventure and excitement that waits in store for you in your new home.

Pot Noodle

If you’re the type of person who has to have a cup of coffee or tea when you’re working then it’s not too far a jump to have yourself a lovely pot noodle. Although these single snack jugs aren’t renowned for their flavour or nutritional value, they’ll definitely hit the spot after a hard session of box throwing and it’s the ideal choice if you haven’t got an oven or cooker.


If it’s a nice day and you’ve taken the chance to move in the summer holidays, then why not leave all the unpacking and hassle to another day and find yourself a local park for a picnic? Buy pies and various treats, stick a few cold sausages into the mix and you’re all set to enjoy a meal al fresco without having to worry about the huge task in front of you.

No matter what you decide to eat on your removals day, your food will taste a whole lot sweeter if you’ve been moved by Alan Cook Removals. Although we won’t be able to suggest which culinary delights will move your world after all your toil, we will make sure that everything you need for your new home is safely in place.