Ooops I left my cat in storage!

We’re not entirely sure what our customers keep in their storage crates or self-storage containers but it usually ranges from clothes to furniture and perhaps some small appliances to. One thing’s for sure though, we are certain there aren’t any animals or pets in them – well, at least we hope not!

Why would anyone put an animal in a storage crate or self-storage container you might wonder? Not by choice we suspect but by accident. It can happen. Take Loui the cat for instance who was trapped inside a storage container in Colorado for nearly a month. His owner had been preparing to move out and had been boxing things up and for some reason Loui decided to crawl inside a mattress and instead of that mattress going to the new house, it went to the storage warehouse!

Luckily, someone offered to buy the box of stored items and a few weeks later, the owner returned and out popped Loui, very dehydrated and a little less than impressed at being left so long but otherwise unharmed. So be warned! If you can’t see your cat on moving day, check the mattresses!