Pack like a Pro!

Let’s face it, knowing where to start is half the battle of packing your belongings when it comes to moving day. Some things you can pack weeks in advance, non-essentials like your pictures and books, but some things need to be left to moving day itself, like the fridge.

Whichever room you start in, organisation is the key, so grab yourself a big black marker and be sure to label up the boxes. Put the name of the room on the box and if you can, a list of contents. This is a Godsend because not only will you know where you’ve put everything – because all the boxes will start to blur into each other eventually – so will the rest of your family, which is critical because it might not be you who unpacks them. The removals team won’t be able to help you as much if your boxes aren’t marked because they won’t know which room to put the boxes in when they get to your new house.

And it’s not just the order in which you pack your belongings away either that matters. The order in which you pack them into the lorry can make a huge difference too. If you packed the box containing the kettle, tea bags and biscuits first, then it’s going to come out last!