Moving day checklist

Hooray! It’s moving day. You’re completing at noon, everything’s packed into the lorry, the kids are at grandma’s and the dog is nowhere to be seen! Bliss. Er… wait a minute… the dog is nowhere to be seen? Oh no. He’s wandered off because the door was left open while the removals team were moving your belongings into the van. Doh!

Hopefully that won’t happen on your moving day and to help you handle everything we’ve put together a moving day checklist! Here goes:

  1. If you can’t keep a close eye on the kids or the dog, ship them off for the day to grandma’s and a kennel. If that’s not possible, tie them up! The dog, not the kids.

  2. Turn off the electrical appliances you’re not taking with you – this will save on your last bill.

  3. Keep the space outside your house free for the lorry to park, let your neighbours know the night before so they can help you do this.

  4. Don’t be afraid to ask the removals team to make sure they wear protective covers on their shoes if you need to keep your carpet extra clean.

  5. Once all the goods are in the van, check the garden, the cellar, the cupboard under the stairs and the attic – these are the places you might leave something in by mistake because they’re out of sight!

  6. Lock up.

  7. Unload.

  8. Direct the removals team to place your belongings where you need them, especially the heavy items that you might not be able to move once they’re gone.

  9. Check the van to make sure there’s nothing left behind then put the kettle on and make the beds; it’s been a long, hard day.

  10. Get the kids and the dog (tomorrow) 🙂