Moving your cooker and other electrical devices

Just like our advice about moving pianos when you’re moving house in Norwich, we also like to make sure we help our customers know how to prepare their electrical appliances for the move. From toasters, to kettles, top microwaves, ovens, fridges, freezers, blenders and sandwich makers, there are a lot of electrical appliances to think about.

We only advise moving the really big and heavy items like fridges if you absolutely need to and of course only if you are physically able to and understand the correct techniques to use and have the right tools to hand. Otherwise, it’s best to leave it to a trained and experienced professional. There is already enough expense involved with moving house without adding the cost of dealing with a back injury on top of it!

Here are the essentials:

  1. Before you move anything, check if your insurance will cover the cost of any damage – if not, take out some insurance
  2. Consult the user manual
  3. Power it down properly – and if it’s the fridge or freezer be especially careful not to do this too soon or you’ll waste a lot of food!
  4. Plan your route – what bumps, steps, door handles, twists and turns will you encounter?
  5. Protect yourself and your floor with safety clothing and protective flooring
  6. Take it step by step and slowly.