Who forgot the fish?

It seems our post about moving pianos created something of a stir! It’s good to know the advice we share and the tips we pass on are helping our musical customers to move house in Norwich and the wider world.

Our last post got us thinking too. What else do people need to move other than their furniture?

Their pets!

Of course. How could we forget our nearest and dearest feline and canine friends or the hamster or the parrot!

On moving day, our pets certainly can’t get packed up into a box and slotted into the lorry, they need to be handled with great care and attention. Depending on the type of pet in question a lot of preparation might be needed. What if you have a fish tank for example? You might need to drain some of the water or drain it completely and transport the fish using plastic bags. But what about territorial creatures like dogs and cats? They won’t understand all the men coming and going and all the noise so it’s best to plan their move in advance.

Perhaps consider putting them into a kennel or cattery for a few days either side of the move, so they’re out of the way completely. It might add to the cost of the move but might reduce the stress for your pet and you too. Then you’d just need to help them adjust to their new home and help them find their feet in their new surroundings, both inside the house and outside. This especially applies to cats who are more free roaming than dogs.

And if you are moving with a cat by the way, the International Cat Care website has lots of good advice and tips – it’s well worth a read.

Also, we do like to know if your dog or cat is going to be there on moving day so we can come prepared. The front door will most likely be open for a couple of hours while we move everything into the lorry and we wouldn’t want your best friend wandering off and coming back to an empty house.

(And thanks to wikipedia for the photo.)