Bungay Makes the National News!

Who’d have “thunk” it?! According to the Guardian, Bungay is generally described as “odd” and “unexplained” and its property not “undesirable”. Nothing wrong in that we say – no (bad) news is good news after all. The article makes interesting reading though. What about the “murderous” dog! Did it reappear again in another storm in another town close by? And has any local sleuth discovered the much disputed cause of the great fire of 1688? And what of the local football team entirely made up of people called Bungay – surely that’s a joke on the outsiders! 🙂

Whatever the case, we’ve been quite happily moving people to and from Bungay for years and no-one’s complained or cursed it outright as far as we’re aware. There seems to be a wide variety of property to choose from too, enough to tickle most people’s fancy, as is the wild life as noted by Terry Reeve who says, so the article reports, “The 400-acre Outney Common is my favourite place – a wonderful walk along the river banks where you can spot otters, kingfishers, herons, barn owls…”

We couldn’t agree more Terry!