Pack the Tea Bags Last!

As an experienced home removals company in Norwich, we do like to take the stress out of moving day and what better way to do that than with a nice cuppa! For you that is, not us. While we’re hard at work packing, lifting and loading the lorry with your goods you should be sitting back watching the magic happen! But beware! If you do the packing yourself remember to pack the tea bags last!

Honestly. Or don’t even pack them, put them in your handbag or your rucksack or wherever you can find them quickly. Because when you get to your new home the first thing you’ll want to do is put the kettle on and have a brew. So pack the kettle and biscuits too and grab a pint of milk from the nearest corner shop. We’ll grab you an armchair from the lorry and you’ll be all set to watch it all unfold before your eyes. Now that’s really how to move house in Norwich!  

Ask us for a free estimate and see just how little our packing service is – it could be the best move you ever make not to mention the best tasting cuppa!